Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Blossoms, where's the rain and big chain coffee house

1. I smell Spring as I walk under the blossom trees that seem to have taken so long to flower on the way to giving the kids an English lesson. The flowers are tiny, pink and perfect.

2. Everywhere is wet and I keep stepping in unexpected puddles on my walk home- but the rain is the silent and sneaky, really fine, gets-everything-completely-wet kind.

3. We sit in Starbucks (something we don't normally do, but we make an exception for the one on the corner of Plaza de España because the view of Gran Vía is lovely) and I warm my hands on my coffee cup. The armchairs are comfy, there is some classic jazz floating around and I am content to sit sleepily as Tony talks to Vanessa and Dave talks to Philibert. A group of the original amigos together again.

1 comment:

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