Friday, 11 March 2011

Dinner, pero/perro and grooving

1. I am invited for dinner at a friend's house. As we are eating and talking around the table I think of how different last semester's group was; of how much fun it was. Then Caro makes a French joke, everyone laughs and I feel myself grinning about this new, friendly possé.

2. Much to the detriment of getting the Metro home on time, I spend about an hour trying to get Philibert to hone is German 'r' into a flapped Spanish one, as in pero ('but'). The rolled 'r' in perro ('dog') is something we're going to have to work on, but at 1:25am, he is pronouncing pero and espero and ahora perfectly, and I can fly out the door feeling like we've achieved something.

3. A woman on the opposite platform is dancing to whatever is playing on her iPod. She throws some bold shapes and looks like she's all caught up in the rhythm.

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