Thursday, 27 January 2011

Adapting to your audience, También la Lluvia, quiet

1. During the English class with Candela and Beltrán today, for once it seems like we're getting somewhere. Instead of getting him to talk about things that makes him yawn, I tell Beltrán we can play on the Super Mario Wii game if he promises to shout commands and vocabulary at me in English - it works!

2. We go and see También la Lluvia, a Spanish film set in Bolivia. It follows the making of a film about Christopher Columbus' discovery of the new world, but it really mirrors the maltreatment of the people that live there today, and it seems like nothing has changed. Afterward, Marcus the Salsa-enthusiast teaches Philibert a few steps in the street... And I catch it on camera.

3. The blanket of quiet as I emerge from Begoña station into wet, chilly surroundings.

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