Saturday, 29 January 2011

A big relief, out of the woodwork, visiting Buddha

1. Filling my lungs with cool air from outside the flat on the way to the Metro.

2. The centre of Madrid is teeming with activity, and I wonder where all these people come from to have a stroll in the evening.

3. I accompany Dave to a party he has been invited to by Jacob (fondly known as 'Buddha' by me, because he's permanently happy, extremely zen and has a very calming voice). I feel a bit like I'm intruding, but when everyone is laughing and joking in a mixture of German and English, I don't think about it again. Maybe it was the deadly-but-extremely-refreshing Finnish drink Karo had prepared, made from vodka and 3 and a half packets of Fisherman's Friends.

3a. Dave and I can hear a difference in the way one man speaks German and we guess that he is from a different part of Germany to the others. We have good ears, says one of the German girls.

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