Friday, 28 January 2011

Smiling faces, peppermint joy and a salsa class

1. Rushing helter-skelter up the escalators to make it to a group dinner in Lavapiés in time. However, I forget that when the Metro runs late, it affects everyone, and we all arrive in a perfectly coordinated moment.

2. A mug of peppermint tea - my second in two days, and something like the third in my life. I remember not liking it at all the first time, but when I tried it yesterday and today, it was just what I needed. Plus, it was Marcus' last teabag, so it needed to be savoured.

3. Marcus is a certified dance nut and often gives us little demonstrations of his waltz and salsa skills - mostly in his flat, swirling to avoid the furniture. Maybe it was due to being over-tired, or maybe I was just feeling particularly rakish, but I put the few salsa steps I know to good use and it really is so fun to dance properly with someone!

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